The vision to engage young minds through a structured learning process. SAANDEEP HIGH SCHOOL embodies a creative outlook for education to empower the children to reach their potential. Our teaching and learning process has an impact on the overall development of the students. The cognitive and emotional aspects of different students are taken into account in preparing the curriculum.

Syllabus Highlights:

Pre-KG to UKG: Empowered by the X SEED program.

Pre-KG (Nursery):

Early numeracy: Grasping eye coordination through string beads. Visual, motor development.

Early literacy: Recognition of upper case and lower case /s/ sounds and its formation through sensorial activities.

Free choice: Art, dance, dramatic play, etc.


Early literacy: Recognition and writing of letters and words activities related to words.

Early numeracy: Recognition and writing of numbers, shapes Different activities are conducted to increase the visual, sensorial motor skills.

Environmental science: My family, my neighbors, my school, supermarket, police station, hospital, etc.

Free choice: reading space, art zone, dramatic play, etc.


Early Literacy: Reading Small stories, small exercises on action words, articles, etc. story reading, and teaching is done by role-play method.

Early numeracy: writing & understanding the concepts of various mathematical principles like addition, subtraction, ascending order, descending order. Introduction to tables.

Environmental Science: Besides going along with the neighbourhood, nature concepts are introduced and teaching is done in a realistic way by experience.

Telugu: Our mother language is introduced as a second language and letter identification, pronunciation is given the utmost care.

Hindi: The importance of the language will be through.

Free choice: Art & Craft, coloring zone, reading space, dance, dramatization, etc.

Syllabus Highlights:

Class I to X: We implement SCERT prescribed syllabus which is for the strengthened by additional subjects like GK, Computers, and IIT by IICON.

Class I to IV: Learning is a five-step process that involves listening, understanding, exploring, experimenting, and learning. Children in this stage of learning had high curiosity. Our curriculum encourages children to explore their interests, as they move from known to unknown concentrically. The curriculum extends beyond the academics and explores each child’s identity.

Class V to VIII : The middle school is the stage where learning moved in the direction of the discipline. Resourcefulness and commitment to works are encouraged. Our curriculum is grounded with key concepts which lay the foundation for high school academic program. The use of a well-stacked library for project work enhances the habit of self-study. Tests and assessments have now become a part of the assessment methodology and parents are kept appraised of the child’s academic progress and are provided frequent opportunities to interact with teachers to assess the development.

Class IX to X: Quality education – the best possible- is provided, taking into consideration individual needs and aspirations.

Students’ work is monitored on a day to day basis, through classwork, homework and projects. Student’s academic progress is tested walk wise, unit wise, and through midterm tests and semester-end examinations.

Progress reports and parents teachers meetings are a regular part of this program. Extracurricular activities form an integral part of the curriculum.

Regular counseling sessions help in bringing about a sea change in the attitudes of the students. Workshops on Career Counseling provide the requisite clarity and guidance to our future engineers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.